Vesicularia Reticulata – Erect Moss

Common Name: Erect Moss
Family: Hypnaceae
Genus: Vesicularia
Origins: Asia
Difficulty: Easy
Growth Rate: Slow
Placement: Mid-Background
Requirements: Low light, temps 68 – 82.4F(15 – 28C), pH: 5 – 8.0

Vesicularia reticulata (“Erect Moss”)  Its vernacular name hints at the growth habit of its stems and branches when they are cultivated submersed in a tank: upright.


Erect moss is best latched in a stationary position and allowed develop its vertical growth. If left floating, it will merely intertwine on to itself and resemble an average messy moss ball.

Its emersed form has a creeping habit, though.  Like “Christmas moss”, V. reticulata is widely distributed in the Asian tropics, where it is found in moist habitats. Under the microscope the leaves of this plant are ovate to lanceolate with an apiculate long tip.

As aquarium plant, V. reticulata grows best with moderate to high light.

Driftwood makes an excellent host but anything weighted can used.


This species is considered rare and less common than its cousin, Flame moss.

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