Tonina fluviatilis

Plant Profile

Common Name: Tonina sp. ‘Belem’ and Tonina sp. ‘Manaus’; which are different species.
Family: Eriocaulaceae
Genus: Tonina
Origins: Central/South America, West Indies, Mexico
Difficulty: Difficult
Lighting: High
Growth Rate:  Fast
Placement: Mid-Background
Requirements: Soft slow moving water, acidic substrate. Relies on nitrates and phosphates so keep levels in check.


Tonina fluviatilis is a plant species in the Eriocaulaceae. It is the sole species in the monotypic genus Tonina, native to southern Mexico, Central America, northern South America, Cuba and Trinidad. Tonina fluviatilis (Tonina sp. fluviatilis) This is certainly not a beginner plant but rewarding if successfully kept.

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