Taiwan Bee Shrimp

Taiwan bee shrimp are a mutation of Crystal Red, Crystal Black and Snow white/Golden bee shrimp. They come from the first generation offspring of a Taiwan bee shrimp bred with either a Crystal red or crystal black or another F1 shrimp. F1 shrimp (often refered to as Mischlings) look exactly the same as CRS / CBS but carry the Taiwan bee gene through cross breeding.

Photo courtesy of garnelen

In doing so, a percentage of their offspring will be Taiwan Bees. One of the reasons why many hobbyists covet breeding with F1’s are the increased rate of survival than matching two Taiwan Bees together. The later combination often results in 100% offspring loss.

The expected ratio of offspring for breeding F1 hybrids often result inĀ  10-25% taiwan bees with the remainder being F2’s. When F1’s are bred with Taiwan Bees, their offspring would likely be close to 50% with the remainder being F1 shrimp.

F2 shrimp often are removed from these tanks for fear of diluting the Taiwan Bee gene through cross breeding.

The Taiwan Bees sold at market are often F1’s or true Taiwan Bees.

Lastly, the best part about keeping Taiwan Bees are the color variations commonly known as King Kongs, Pandas, Red Wine, Red Ruby and Blue Bolts. Once you have mastered keeping neocaridinas and CRS/CBS, Taiwan bees would be the next step up.

Water parameters vary by region and hobbyist testimonies but it is recommended to be below 6.5, often reported as low as 5.0.

GH is ideal at 4-5 deg

KH is best at 0-2

Temps are best between 64-70.

The chart below is the most recent version which includes Blue Jelly and Green Hulks courtesy of Rah-bop.com

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