Staurogyne repens

This is a compact and hardy foreground plant that shares its characteristics with Hygrophila. Medium-high light, active substrate and micro fertilzation helps to maintain its light green complexion. It is a slow grower compared to other hygrophila but is equally easy to propagate and adapt to new conditions.

New growth produces horizontally creeping shoots which lends for its excellent  carpeting effect. When acquiring emersed specimens, its emersed leaves will drop off and new submersed leaves will emerge after the transition.  When used for a carpeting scape, this plant is considered a medium sized foreground plant and best suited for tanks larger than 7 gallons.

As with any foreground plant, it requires maintenance as it will overcrowd neighboring stems. If melting occurs, immediately trim all other S.Repens in contact to prohibit spread. This plant benefits greatly from deep trims so do not worry if only stems are left.

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