Microsorium pteropus sp. Trident

Plant Profile

Common Name: Trident Java Fern
Family: Polypodiaceae
Genus: Microsorum
Origins: Southeast Asia
Difficulty: Easy
Lighting:  low-medium
Growth Rate: Medium
Placement: Mid-Background
Requirements: Temps 20° to 28°C, PH 5 to 7.5

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Java ferns generally are fantastic plants to start the hobby in due to its wide range of environmental tolerances and undemanding demeanor. These plants are so resilient that they need not be planted and do best attached to woood or stone hardscape. The usual supplement of Macro/Micro fertilizers and Iron will keep the leaves green and healthy while higher light and current normally encourages faster growth. Propagation is done through proliferating leaves, roots, trimming the rhizome or breaking off daughter plants.

Courtesy of ADANA

Avoid planting the rhizome in the soil as it will suffocate and rot.

Trident is named after its resemblence to a three-pronged spear held by Poseidon, or Neptune.

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