Lagarosiphon Madagascariensis

Common Name:
Family: Hydrocharitaceae
Genus: Lagarosiphon
Origins: Madagascar, Africa
Difficulty: Easy
Lighting: Medium-High
Growth Rate: Fast
Placement: Mid-Background

Lagarosiphon madagascariensis is a fast-growing plant for hobbyist that meet the plant’s needs. This species actually does best in warm, soft water rich with CO2. CO2 is required to reach optimum growth. Lighting should be intense as this is a very light demanding plant. The water should be rich in macro and micronutrients: NO3 (5-15 ppm), PO4 (1-2 ppm). A liquid fertilizer rich in iron should be added regularly to help maintain its beautiful emerald green color. Failing to meet these needs will result in melting.

This translucent stem plant, when its needs are met, will grow at a very fast rate and be highly invasive. It will send out side shoots into surrounding plant groupings. Best applied in a background scape, this species is often found in ADA Amano’s earlier works.

Attention to care must be applied in handling and shipping as the stems are intolerant of flexing.

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