Hypoptopoma (Nannoptopoma) sp. Peru

Hypoptopoma sp. Peru

Common names: Nannoptopoma sp. Robocop, Orange Zebra Oto

Hypoptopoma are small(ish) loricariids with a stocky body with a wide, flattened, head with the eyes on the side of the head and a concave profile, with a normal (not extremely thin) tail.

Scientific name: Nannoptopoma sp. Robocop.
Common name: Unknown, possibly Robocop.
Origin: Alto Nanay, Peru.
Maximum size: Very similar to other Nannoptopoma, so expect 3-4cm/1.2-1.6” on average.
Water parameters: Optimal temperature would be 27°C/80°F, pH 6.8, with GH as low as 0-3 depending on season.
Diet: Like other Nannoptopoma, taking large amounts of vegetation. A high metabolic rate means that they require large volumes of food that will not pollute.
Habitat: Assumed to live among shoreside vegetation and wood.
Aquarium: A smaller tank could be used, but water must be very clean and well oxygenated. Don’t house with other loricariids that would compete for food.





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