HAS Contest 2014

The planted tanks submissions are looking fierce this year!

Have a look at the entrants:

1. Lugi – Fire is Coming (182l)


2. Rastaman – Rediscovery (23l)


3. pepi21 – Freshness in the air (30l)


4. AHJAK – Nature Rhapsody (96l)


5. Opijum – Walk on the wild side (31l)


6. Prodz – Under the old dock (120l)


7. AHJAK – Easy like sunday morning (27l)


8. zgmarkozg – Roots (120l)


9. madagaskar – Aquarius (210l)


10. Moke – Planted (100l)

These are only the first 10 entrants. Please visit their site to see bios on the judges, the judging commentaries for each and other tank submissions!

Resource: http://www.hraquascape.org/articles.php?article_id=52

Perhaps one day your of your tanks can be shared online to be viewed by millions 🙂

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