FLEXI-Mini Nano LED… There’s a new LED in town…


So why the buzz over this lamp? This is NOT a fixed color LED lamp. Lets begin by explaining what CRI is.

A bulb’s capacity for producing correct-looking colors is measured by its score on the color rendering index. This figure, usually referred to as the CRI number, is a score out of 100 that actually averages several scores together, each one for a different color.

A CRI of 100 represents the maximum value. Lower CRI values indicate that some colors may appear unnatural when illuminated by the lamp. Incandescent lamps have a CRI above 95. Cool white fluorescent lamps have a CRI of 62, however fluorescent lamps containing rare-earth phosphors are available with CRI values of 80 and above.

The FLEXI-mini features triple luminosity and is coordinated with FLEXI-mini H-CRI LEDS, capable of offering the most suitable visual colour saturation for the human eye. Its colour rendering (CRI) of up to 80% is able to restore the attractive colours of any living organism. After you have experienced it, you will no longer get as much visual satisfaction from any other LED lighting product. ballsy statement indeed!

The world’s most advanced full-spectrum LED that surpasses the quality of T5 and T8 FL
FLEXI-mini HCRI LED is the world’s first full-spectrum LED that surpasses the quality of traditional fluorescent tubes. We adopt the most advance HPAR chip hybrid technology, capable of generating a full-spectrum wavelength within the millimeter-sized LED component, and this is the closest to natural sunlight to meet the light required by all aquatic plants. As comported to traditional lamps, FLEXI-mini HCRI LED features double the photosynthetic performance (PAR) capable of stimulating the generation of chlorophyll and anthocyanin simnifically, to full meet your desires, creating a small aquarium a natural environment.

Aerospace Aluminium Allow concentric
It looks like a very simple design, but it is the most difficult challenge. To make it easier to clean your aquarium and have a great time doing it, the main body of FLEXI-mini and the holder with an aluminium allow concentric circles/fixed bearing, this bearing has a high pressure resistance and stability, also allows the lighting fixture to rotate smoothly and no need to remove the light fixture or turn off the switch.

Product Specification
Material: Aerospace Aluminium alloy
Light Source: FLEXI-mini HCRI LED 04W / each x 15
Color temperature: Around 6700L
Lumen Output: 675 lm
Beam Angle: 120
Lifetime: 50,000hrs
Power Input: 240V / DC 12V / 800mA
Total Power: 9W
Waterproof grade: IP24
Operating Temperature: -25C to +35C
Dimension: W237 x D122 x H8 mm

For 26-36cm Tank… And it comes in two colors…

We will be getting our hands on this lamp to measure PAR so stay tuned

We have the Lamp and conducted our tests with pretty pictures too. PartII of this article.

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