FLEXI-Mini Nano LED… Continued

The Flexi Mini HCRI LED Fixture Unboxed.

PAR measurement and video added

After picking up where we left off in part 1

Here is the unboxing. The packaging is tastefully done with heavy paper stock boxing.

flexi1 flexi2 flexi3 flexi4

The lamp has some weight for such a small lamp. The swing arm design takes effort to turn which plays into the expensive finish.

How these HCRI perform in contast to fluroscent and LED lighting:

Spectrum charts:


Standard LED

High CRI

Last but not least, here are the PAR figures recorded.

Image 19

The technical specs are as follows:

A 12″ cube has a water volume of 7.5 gallons (28.4 ltrs). With 2-3″ of soil, the lamp likely will fall inbetween 40-56 par onĀ  the substrate at a minimum. PAR does not account for the color spectrum index so supplemental lighting is premature to recommend or disregard at this time.

This lamp was a step dimmer than a 16″ Finnex Planted+ (11.9watts) but adequately illuminated the 17 gallon aquarium from left to right and front to back at 12.5″ above the substrate. This 9 watt lamp is a powerhouse and near perfect for this aquarium. The Planted+ is simply too bright over this tank and requires CO2 to keep hair algae away at the upper regions. Remember its all about a balance between the target growth rate, the species kept and nutrients supplied.

This lamp used on a high tech cube for evaluation.


Here’s a new time lapse video with the lamp.


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