Fissidens fontanus

Common Name:
Family: Fissidentaceae
Genus: Fissidens
Origins: Native to North America
Difficulty: Easy
Lighting: Low-Medium
Growth Rate: Moderate
Placement: On hardscape

Fissidens fontanus (Phoenix moss) is a feather-like undemanding species that can grow in almost any condition. This North American native grows relatively slow and does not require extensive light, carbon dioxide or nutrients. Growth rate increases when presented with nutrient rich conditions and higher lighting.

Fissidens fontanus readily attaches itself to driftwood and rocks. Patience is required to get the full, lush growth that is typically seen in most aquascapes.

Fissidens fontanus looks best when attached to driftwood, and in lightly flowing waters. When prominently displayed in a planted aquarium, this plant will make a striking visual for any aquascape.

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