Fire Rasbora (Rasboroides vaterifloris)

A Rare Orange Gem

This native Sri Lankan native is quite timid and often will be outcompeted for feeding so careful planning on tankmates is a must. They definitely do very well in a densely planted aquarium with color contrasting the lush greens. This species may also be identified as ‘pearly rasbora’, ‘vateria flower rasbora’, ‘orange-finned barb’, or ‘Singhalese fire barb‘ and is not a common species in the trade. The fish vary in colour depending on locality with red, orange and yellow-finned forms known to date, while the colour of the body can also differ from red or orange to bluish. 

This wild caught species is particuarly sensative to shipment (transit / poor water conditions) and often has a low survival rate when it eventually makes it to a hobbyist tank. This species is rarely offered in the hobby so please consider this species only if you are able to provide a species only aquarium or lightly populated tank that may eventually support spawning/propagation. We support and encourage responsible fish care.

An alternative to this species is the smaller Ember tetra.

Photos courtesy of peter macquire


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