The Finnex Stingray LED: Entry level never looked this good…

For many years, the Fugeray was Finnex’s entry level lamp for freshwater and reef aquariums. Today we introduce the new all-purpose Finnex Stingray LED fixture. The Stringray, not to be confused with the clip-on of the same name, is a full length fixture  new for 2014.

Abstract from their site:

The new StingRAY LED series features such a slim hood that it is nearly unseen atop an aquarium. Best suited as a color enhancing supplemental light or a stand-alone fixture for low-tech setups.The StingRAY offers users three different colors in to their aquarium. 7,000k Daylight LEDs are used to brighten up the entire aquarium. In addition, 660nm RED LEDs and Actinic Blue LEDs are incorporated to highlight colors throughout the aquarium, in addition to providing basic aquatic life support. The true 660nm RED LEDs also efficiently peak photosynthesis activity. Included with the StingRAY are clear plastic legs and a pair of mounting clips if the users would like to easily attach their fixture inside a canopy.

12 Inch Stingray 12 x 7000k, 3 x 660nm True Red, 3 x Actinic Blue 4 Watts
16 Inch Stingray 20 x 7000k, 4 x 660nm True Red, 4 x Actinic Blue 10 Watts
20 Inch Stingray 23 x 7000k, 5 x 660nm True Red, 4 x Actinic Blue 11 Watts
24 Inch Stingray 27 x 7000k, 5 x 660nm True Red, 4 x Actinic Blue 13 Watts
30 Inch Stingray 32 x 7000k, 8 x 660nm True Red, 8 x Actinic Blue 16 Watts
36 Inch Stingray 40 x 7000k, 8 x 660nm True Red, 8 x Actinic Blue 20 Watts
48 Inch Stingray 56 x 7000k, 8 x 660nm True Red, 8 x Actinic Blue 27 Watts


At first glance, this is a no frills lamp that’s heavy on asthetics and low power use. The silver half moon profile case has been replaced by a sleek metallic one that would easily update the look of any rimmed aquarium.  The slim profile will provide the opportunity to mount under canopies and retrofit older fixtures with new tech. At this time, there are No PAR details released so stay tuned.

UPDATE: Par Data shown on an aquarium scape created by Hailie Whatley of Darkwater Aquatics!:

darkwater aquatics

darkwater aquatics


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