Finnex, Coming in 2015…

Finnex gives The Aquatic Plant Society (TAPS) an exclusive on their upcoming fixtures.

Finnex has brought LED lamps to the aquaria community, making them accessible to the masses. Their products are competitively priced and come in various shapes for marine, plants, and fish keepers. The FugeRay was the first mainstream fixture. RAY II  was their next High tech success story. The Fugeray-R covered lighting for Nanos. The MonsterRay unleashed the hidden spectrums in our tanks! The Planted+ placed true 660nm red LEDs to the hands of planted enthusiasts around the world.

We have eagerly waited for the next big thing and Bryan at Finnex has given The Aquatic Plant Society (TAPS) a sneak peak of what’s next. There are three new models in the new line up.

1. The Finnex Planted+ II

Version 2.0 sports the 7000k, red and moonlight LEDs with the same 120 degree light spread as the outgoing model avoiding the “hot spots” or narrow beams of light directly below…  and that’s pretty much where the similarities END.

The new model is redesigned from ground up. The new housing appears to be wider with flat edges, a departure from the stackable half moon profile common across all models. The new diode board is comprised of fewer but more powerful LEDs. The 7000k and red return as fixed color LEDs but the moonlights were ditched in favor of fully adjustable RGB LEDs capable of 65k colors. The moonlights offer independent controls to be used with the white/red or used separately as color (moonlight) accents.

Bonus:  the lamp is now fully dimable making the need to hang or raise the lamp a thing of the past.

Here is the TAPS exclusive video of the Planted+ II !

2. The Finnex 24/7

The 24/7 is a medley of 7000k and RGB leds with adjustment controls features found on the Current LED Satellite+. The fixture goes a step further to incorporate a light control timer to cycle the gradual color changes for sunrise and sunset. No separate timer to purchase… But here’s the kicker… The light intensity matches that of two Satellite+ put together! Seriously!

3. The Finnex Planted+ Elite

For those with large tanks, the Planted+ Elite is the powerhouse you’ve been waiting for. It will be an industry first to feature 660 red, 620 amber, 7k, & 4k LEDs. Wireless smart phone controls, dimming and more… This model is currently still in development so we will keep a close watch for this one.


There are no details on pricing at this time but expect the new models to remain competitive with current market offerings.

Many thanks to Bryan on the news and the Finnex R&D team for their tireless work on multiple products. They have taken hobbyist feedback to heart and are building things we want!

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