Eriocaulon Yan Kedah

Eriocaulon commonly known as pipeworts, refers to a genus that has approximately four hundreds species. All plants under Eriocaulon genus are monocotyledonous flowering plants belonging to the family Eriocaulaceae.

erio yan kedahh
Ph : 5.5-8 Temp range : 53-77F (12-25C)
Size : 3-5″ (10-15cm)
Tank location : Foreground / Midground
Lighting: medium to high

Aquarium suitability: A slow growing grass which adapts underwater but requires good lighting and CO2 infusion and nutrition in the substrate to prosper.Used by Chinese herbalists as a cure for many eye disorders.

erio s
Yan Kedah appears to develop fewer but wider leaves than most Erios in the hobby.

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