Elatine triandra

Plant Profile

Common Names: Threestamen waterwort, longstem waterwort, mudwort
Order: Theales
Family: Elatinaceae
Genus: Elatine
Origins: North America
Placement: Foreground
Requirements: CO2, high light, heavy iron, nitrogen

Elatine triandra, the proverbial high maintenance foreground plant. Grows quickly when conditions are right but will also melt just as fast when they aren’t. This plant has a soft plush feel with its dense growth pattern and absolutely stunning in its prime.

Care should be taken to not allow the plant to grow too densely as it will intertwine and choke the lower stems of light to induce rot. Once rot occurs, it will spread like fire if left unchecked so prune and replant to propagate while maintaining a thin spread over all.



Courtesy of Killies.com

Emerse growth


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