Eheim LEDS Strips

New dimensions of light

the new generation of aquarium lighting. Perfectly designed, individual light requirements for both fresh and marine aquariums. More efficient, long lasting and flexible than any other technology.

Eheim launches a new line of LED fixtures for planted and reef hobbyists. This is their sophomore LED effort having seen their powerLED pendant lamps sold for years.


  • Bright daylight (7,000 K) with full sunlight spectrum (full spectrum).
  • Natural colour representation of the fish and plants.
  • Balanced blue and/or red spectrum range for good plant growth.
  • Maximum energy efficiency (120 lm/W) and brightness.
  • Can also be combined with EHEIM powerLED plants for particularly demanding plants.


The LEDs consume 30 % less energy than efficient T5 fluorescent tubes and their service life is 150 % longer. They can be adapted to fit most aquariums: extending brackets allow the lights to be adjusted to the aquarium width. All fluorescent tubes can be replaced with the correct adapter.

Quality by EHEIM – made in Germany.


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  • Alternative to efficient T5 fluorescent tubes (incl. reflector!).
  • 30 % energy saving (comparison: T5 = 85 lm/W; LED = 120 lm/W).
  • Full depth lighting – even in high aquariums.
  • Specifically designed spectrums and combined light colours for plants or corals.
  • Full sunlight spectrum with exceptional output in the areas important for photosynthesis (fresh water).
  • Highly natural, pure colour representation (CRI > 90 – fresh water).
  • Average service life > 50,000 hours (13 – 14 years at 10 hrs./day).
  • High-quality solid aluminium housing (anodized) is marine-waterproof – according to German standard DIN 8149-1.
  • 8 lengths – for aquariums from 37 – 154 cm width – using adjustable, extending stainless steel support brackets.
  • Suitable for fluorescent tube holders (T8, T5, T5 special length); existing tubes can be replaced with T8 or T5 adapters (see accessories).
  • Threaded holes in the top housing for securing screws or hooks in any desired location (e.g. to attach to a cover or to suspend).
  • Wire suspension for open aquariums (see accessories).
  • Highly efficient, intelligent power supply units provide only the actual output needed (12 V); this saves energy.
  • Possible connection of several lamps to one power supply unit with Y-adaptor (see accessories).

These powerLED daylight models come in various sizes: 11w, 16w, 20w, 24w, 30w, 34w, 40w and 43w.

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