Echinodorus ‘Vesuvius’

Common: Echinodorus vesuvius
Scientific: Echinodorus augustifolia
AKA: Corkscrew Sword

Difficulty: Easy
Light requirements: Low to high.
Type: Root feeder
pH: 6 – 7.5
Country of Origin: Brasil
CO2: Beneficial Not required
Substrate: It is a heavy root feeder, so will require a good quality plant substrate (including appropriate DIY alternatives), or root tabs.
Position: mid / background decidedly according to the scape
Propagation: By runners.
Ferts: Root feeders – a nutrient rich substrate or root tabs should be provided.

This plant can also be grown as an emersed plant with roots damp. It can be grown in hard or soft water.

As with all plants, this plant’s growth rate habit will alter if it is grown in low or high-tech set-ups. In both set-ups however, it grows with an attractive coiled and twining habit.

This plant is a variant of Echinodorus augustifolia, which is a straight-leafed plant.
This plant is often confused with corkscrew vallisneria, but will not melt with glut/ Excel treatments as val will.

It is currently reasonably unknown in the aquarium trade, but due to its hardiness and the easiness of growing it, it is a worthwhile plant to consider. Consider this plant an excellent species for beginners and experts alike.

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