Diagnosing Plant Deficiencies

There will be moments where our plants will signal when they are lacking in something. Troubleshooting and spotting what these missing nutrients is more science than art but there are resources available that make this possible for the average joe.

1. Plant Deficiency Finder by Zapins

Zapins of the aquaticplantcentral and Plantedtank has created a free resource available for figuring out plant issues, deficiencies, toxicities and other growth problems. After making a few deficiency diagnosis diagrams and writing a few articles on the subject he decided a database with actual photographs of each individual plant species and each individual deficiency might be more helpful. Please refer to this wonderful resource when needed.


Anyone having a plant problem may browse through the site,  and read the descriptions. Anything that is elusive can be brought to him direcly for diagnosis. He sure does love a puzzle and an all around helpful hobbyist.

If you’d like to help expand the database he is always looking for good photos of any kind of plant problem. Send me an email or a PM and I’ll give credit when used in a description.

2. Online resources on the gardening side of the hobby often show similar, if not identical signs.


Don’t Forget that CO2 has a large influence on the health of the plant. Photo courtesy of CRSFan


Information courtesy of Zapins, growrealfood.com and  Flairform Hydroponic systems. Cover by fishtankdk.blogspot.com


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