Climacium americanum

Common Name: American Climacium Moss
Family: Climaciaceae
Genus: Climacium
Origins: North America
Difficulty: Easy
Growth Rate: Slow
Placement: Mid-Background

American Climacium Moss, is a nonvascular plant (a moss or algae) of the genus Climacium. Climacium americanum grows well in both shade and partial sun. It is called tree moss because it looks like little trees, not because it grows on trees. It has a darkish, green-yellow color when plants are mature. New growth, obvious in the winter, is a bright green. It grows in colonies comprised of underground runners connecting individual plants. Since it can be found migrating into neglected grass lawns, it is considered a great option for adding miniature depth and interest to a moss lawn.
Requirements:Photo credit to Alan Cressler

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