Cliff Hui, One of Hong Kong’s Finest

I would like to introduce Cliff.

Perennial practitioner in the dark arts of aquascaping and seasoned IAPLC competitor from Hong Kong.

Aquascaping goes beyond knowing plants to apply them in an aquarium that would match the hand of mother nature. The ensemble of plant species, hardscape composition and color variance that comes only from years of experience is evident in all his creations.

Please enjoy the aqua-resume…

Dodes Kaden by Cliff Hui 2006

Field of Dream by Cliff Hui, IAPLC 2007 World Ranked #3

Destiny by Cliff Hui, IAPLC 2008 World Ranked #4

Treasure by Cliff Hui, IAPLC 2009 World Ranked #13

Alongside by Cliff Hui, IAPLC 2011 World Ranked #4!!!


Cliff Hui, IAPLC 2012 World Ranked #42

Forever by Cliff Hui, IAPLC 2013 World Ranked #15

Please take a moment to know him better through the Interview conducted by Óscar Pereiro of AcuarioRosa


If you are reading this, We appreciate your dedication and honor your aquascape creations.

They inspire us all!


Thanks for reading.

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