Callicostella Prabaktiana

Common Name: Worm Moss
Family: Pilotrichaceae
Genus: Callicostella
Origins: Asia
Difficulty: Easy
Lighting:  Low
Growth Rate: Slow
Placement: attached to hardscape
Requirements: Temps 68° to 76°F, PH 5.5 to 7.5


Callicostella prabaktiana is a creeping moss found naturally on wet rocks and shaded riverbanks in Southern Asia. The creeping, irregularly ramified shoots have a flat leaf pattern resembling that of the Vesicularia species (Weeping) but is discernable by a thick double midrib reaching almost to the leaf tip, rather roundish, thick-walled leaf cells and its tongue-shaped shortly acute leaf form.
Callicostella prabaktiana is a slow grower when cultivated submersed, but it is undemanding. Its growth habit makes this moss especially interesting as ephiphytical plant with shoots nestling against the substrate and attach to it very tightly with their rhizoids. Loose shoots grow downwardslike Vesicularia ferriei (Weeping Moss).


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