Blyxa japonica

Common Name: Blyxa
Family: Hydrocharitaceae
Genus:  Blyxa
Origins: Tropical Asia
Difficulty: Easy
Lighting: Moderate
Growth Rate: Fast
Placement: Midground

This Blyxa species is considered a moderate difficulty plant to keep. Its will easily reach its potential under intense lighting, CO2 injection, and a fertilization regimen of NPK and micro nutrient supplementation.

Favorable condition offer rewards the hobbyist with golden and reddish hues and the plants will exhibit a more compact growth.

Under low light, however, Blyxa japonica will become taller, lankier, and greener. This plant produces an impressive root system and appreciates a nutritious substrate. If phosphate levels are kept high (1-2 ppm), small white flowers on long, thin stalks may develop. Isn’t that something worth working towards 😉


Generally unknown to most, Blyxa japonica is actually a stem plant growing on a densely foliated, short stem.

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