AquaLighter 2 by Collar

The latest in LED technology is spilling over to the aquarium hobby. Introducing the AquaLighter 2 by Collar.

LED illumination lamp AquaLighter 2 30сm (11.8″)  is used for illumination of freshwater aquariums up to 40cm (15.7″) long.
LED illumination lamp AquaLighter 2 30сm is equipped with light sources that create the light scheme suitable for all known types of aquariums, for instance: Aquascape, Tanganyika, Malawi and others.

The light sources of LED illumination lamp AquaLighter 2 30сm are the superbright LEDs, manufactured by CREE (USA):

  • CREE XB-D Warm White – warm-white LEDs with light temperature of 2700-3000К.
  • CREE XB-D Cool White – cool-white LEDs with light temperature of up to 8500К.


Voltage + frequency: AC90~230V (50-60Hz) / DC~ 48V, 350mA
Light temperature, К: 6500-7000
Power, W: 11
Luminous flux, lm: 1080
Length, mm: 300
Size, mm: 300х50х15
Lamp body colour: Silver
Ingress protection rating: IP67


video by Alexis Desplanques

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