Ammannia Gracilis

A. Gracilis is a moderately demanding plant which will not show its full potential unless its requirements are met.

Lighting should be moderate to intense with steady CO2 injection. This stem plant prefers mildly acidic, moderately soft water (KH 4-6, GH 6-8), although adaptable to more extreme water conditions. Macro nutrients such as nitrate (5-20ppm) and phosphate (1-2ppm) should be high for best results. Iron and micro nutrient dosing, in lieu with macro nutrients, should be correspondingly high as well. If there is not enough iron in the water column, the foliage of this plant will became pale. Ironically, rich conditions promote larger stems with LESS intense red coloration (if nitrate is high enough, growth may even become very green). LOWER nitrate levels combined with high phosphate and micro nutrient levels will promote the most intense colors in A. gracilis.

This large stem plant is known to grow tall. Pruning should be done by cutting tops and replanting. Propagation alternatively can be done by removing side shoots from the main stem plant.

A. Gracilis is more suited to the mid to background of larger aquariums adding a brilliant splash of color to any layout and commonly found in dutch scapes.

Ammannia Gracilis

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