Aldrovanda vesiculosa

Aldrovanda vesiculosa (waterwheel plant) is an aquatic carnivorous plant and sole extant species in the flowering plant genus Aldrovanda of the family Droseraceae. The plant captures small aquatic invertebrates using traps similar to those of the Venus Flytrap. The traps are arranged in whorls around a central, free-floating stem, giving rise to the common name. This is one of the few plant species capable of rapid movement.

While the genus Aldrovanda is monotypic, up to 19 extinct species are known to have existed. While the species displays a degree of morphological plasticity between populations, Aldrovanda vesiculosa possesses a very low genetic diversity across its entire range.

A. vesiculosa has declined over the last century to only 50 confirmed extant populations worldwide. These remain spread across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Utricularia graminifolia is the “other” popular carnivorous plant in the hobby.

In the wild

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