Aciotis Acuminifolia

Plant Profile

Common Name: Aciotis Acuminifolia
Genus: Aciotis
Origins: South America ( Brazil, Bolivia )
Difficulty: HARD
Lighting:  Medium
Growth Rate: Slow-Medium
Placement: Midground
Requirements: Temps 20° to 28°C, PH 6.0 to 7.0

Melastomatacea aciotis from Aquatic Plant Central

Aciotis Acuminifolia is a light lover and can not get enough of it. It will keep growing so long as the light is intense and the nutrients are ample with Co2 in tow. Shading will inhibit grow to the point of stunting and will result in leaves being dropped. The brighter the light, the more intense the reds get. Lower leaves naturally turn green and yellow but are otherwise healthy if they do not drop.

Oddly, the substrate used for this species is not important as it will create its own dense root system to anchor itself down and collect nutrients.  If left it will easily grow out of the aquarium but will melt back when humidity is insufficient.

Emersion will allow for small pink flowers with a yellow center.

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